Cloud and Data Centers

Securing the Cloud

Cloud, hosting and large data center environments are more automated than ever and more open than ever. The perimeter is disappearing. SSH Communications Security’s non-invasive, automation friendly approach to security helps meet the needs for security in today’s cloud based infrastructure.

Security is the Enabler

Internal stakeholders and external customers need assurance that their cloud based services are secure. Secure Shell can be the enabler if it is deployed correctly. SSH Communications Security can help you secure data moving in and out of the cloud environment and ensure cloud operations are managed securely.

Cloud and Hosting Concerns

  • Data in Transit protection. Enable secure automated backup and disaster recovery with easy to implement Tectia SSH file transfer solutions.
  • Secure Automation. In the data center, automation drives efficiency. If you use Secure Shell to enable automated, machine to machine processes, manage them securely with Universal SSH Key Manager.
  • Insider Threat Protection. Your business depends on the systems administrators, developers, contractors and external partners who keep operations running smoothly and bring new capabilities online. Make sure you also have proper controls, accountability and audit of these functions. CryptoAuditor protects cloud operations from insider threats and prevents external attackers from misusing privileged accounts.
  • Best Security Practices. Internal and external stakeholders need security assurance. Let the Secure Shell experts from SSH Communications Security help you design and implement a solution to help you meet requirements from FedRAMP, PCI DSS, NIST and others.