Retail Organizations

Protecting Customer Data

Large retail organizations have to make shopping convenient for their customers. They also have to protect customer data - from point of sale through to the databases. SSH Communications Security understands that security does not have to interfere with convenience.

Retailers Under Scrutiny

High profile breaches and new compliance mandates are putting security under the microscope at major retail organizations. Solutions from SSH Communications are helping retailers automate their processes and secure transactions from end to end.

Retail Organization Concerns

  • Data in Transit protection. Transactions come from multiple sources – retail outlets, web storefronts and catalogue sales. The Tectia SSH family of Secure Shell products are designed for retail automation and work on a wide variety of devices.
  • Identity and Access Controls. Meet the demands for security and compliance by centralizing management and control over the Secure Shell environment. If you use Secure Shell, you should be managing it.
  • Insider Threat Protection. Your business depends on the systems administrators, developers, contractors and external partners who keep operations running smoothly and bring new capabilities online. Make sure you also have proper controls, accountability and audit of these functions. CryptoAuditor protects retail operations from insider threats and prevents external attackers from misusing privileged accounts.
  • Best Security Practices. Security, compliance and cost management can and should go hand in hand. Let the Secure Shell experts from SSH Communications Security help you design and implement a solution that will address some of the thorniest security and compliance problems facing your business today. Our experts in PCI DSS can help you stay ahead of the auditors.