Financial Institutions

In today’s world, financial assets are not stored in vaults

Financial assets are the zeroes and ones held in the databases of banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies. Protecting these assets from theft and destruction is critical.

Financial institutions also operate under intense regulatory and compliance pressure while facing ever increasing demands for operational efficiency. SSH Communications Security understands these needs. Five of the top ten global banks and four of the top ten insurance companies rely on our products and services to keep their assets safe.

It sounds simple – make sure all high value data such as asset transfers and transaction information are encrypted, end-to-end. Sometimes it is not that simple. Legacy applications may not be set up for encryption, there is the complexity of establishing encryption with 3rd parties plus an ever present need for strong authentication and identity controls. The Tectia SSH family of Secure Shell products are designed specifically to meet the challenges that underlie the simple need to protect data in transit.

IDENTITY & ACCESS CONTROLS Financial institutions have done a good job with end user access governance. However, there is often weak governance over privileged user access and in many cases, a complete lack of governance over machine to machine identity and access. This, in the words of IDC, is “a gaping hole in the security architecture of the vast majority of enterprises”. Universal SSH Key Manager brings Secure Shell environments into compliance.

INSIDER THREAT PROTECTION Financial institutions depend on systems administrators, developers, contractors and external partners to keep operations running smoothly and to bring new capabilities online. They also need to ensure proper controls, accountability and audit of privileged user activity. CryptoAuditor provides this vital security function for the Secure Shell channels employed by privileged users.

BEST SECURITY PRACTICES. Security, compliance and cost management can and should go hand in hand. Let the Secure Shell experts from SSH Communications Security help you design and implement a solution that will address some of the thorniest security and compliance problems facing your business today.