Financial Institutions

In today’s world, financial assets are not stored in vaults

Financial assets are the zeroes and ones held in the databases of banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies. Protecting these assets from theft and destruction is critical. FINANCIAL INDUSTRY… Read More

Retail Organizations

Protecting Customer Data

Large retail organizations have to make shopping convenient for their customers. They also have to protect customer data - from point of sale through to the databases. SSH Communications Security unde… Read More

Cloud and Data Centers

Securing the Cloud

Cloud, hosting and large data center environments are more automated than ever and more open than ever. The perimeter is disappearing. SSH Communications Security’s non-invasive, automation friendly… Read More


Securing Information in the Health Industry

Healthcare organizations need to share patient record information with hospitals, doctors and insurance providers. At the same time strict mandates require these records are kept secure. SSH Communica… Read More

Transportation and Utilities

Securing Critical Infrastructure

Companies delivering critical infrastructure face new security threats but in many cases operate under strict capital and operational expense controls. The challenge of upgrading security to meet mode… Read More


Securing Automated Communciations

Large scale manufacturing is driven by complex, global supply chains. The processes that make this possible require secure, automated movement of information within the organization and with supply ch… Read More