Ubiquitous Encryption

Securing data from point-to-point and in the extended enterprise is crucial to meeting data protection security & compliance requirements

The most secure way to manage data is to encrypt it at all times. Unfortunately, many organizations still have gaps in their networks that can enable malicious insiders and external bad actors to compromise your data-in-transit.

Enterprises that are serious about security know that ubiquitous encryption is a central component of their zero trust approach to data protection. Attackers are looking for the easiest way to steal as much data from you as they can, as fast as they can. Secure Shell is the preferred encryption solution for data-in-transit communications involving both interactive and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) identities.

Encrypt everything, from Man or Machine

In a recent Forrester report, over two-thirds of IT decision makers said that Secure Shell was an important or mission critical part of their network architecture. Its no surprise, Secure Shell is a versatile and efficient solution designed to protect your information assets with best-in-class encryption capabilities.

  • M2M Communications. The dramatic increase of M2M communications means than more data is flowing across your networks than every before. For most enterprises, M2M communications carry high volumes of highly sensitive business and customer information such as credit card data and personally identifiable information. With such valuable payloads, M2M Communications require ubiquitous encryption
  • Remote systems administration. The tool of choice for most interactive users, Secure Shell is the trusted workhorse for most network administrators. With the explosion in number of remote workers and rapid growth in extended enterprise users, Secure Shell provides for a secure and easy way to transfer files, access test systems and as a VPN for privileged administrators.
  • Point-to-point encryption. P2PE ensures sensitive data, like credit and debit card data, is protected at every stage while in transit - including all the way to third party business partners. Packet sniffing attacks remain one of the primary attack vectors especially payment card transaction. Enterprise grade Secure Shell solutions enable P2PE and ensure your data arrives safely and securely at its destination.
  • Securing legacy applications. Legacy applications are often business critical but can be very difficult to bring up to current security standards. With advanced Secure Shell solutions like Tectia SSH ConnectSecure you can automatically convert you legacy applications FTP connections into SFTP without having to make changes to your applications themselves

Tectia SSH is a fully supported line of enterprise class Secure Shell products designed to help you achieve ubiquitous encryption in your environment.