Why poor Secure Shell key management is a serious access control issue

In many large organizations, Secure Shell is widely used to authenticate automated processes such as file transfers and backups, as well as privileged users such as systems administrators. These processes and users are typically authenticated via Secure Shell User Keys. Although SSH user keys often provide access to highly sensitive information and systems, most organizations have lost visibility and control over who possesses the keys and what specific authorizations they enable. This is a major access control and compliance issue that is quickly drawing the attention of auditors and regulators.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• Why poor Secure Shell key management is a serious access control issue 
• The risk and compliance exposures associated with poor key management 
• How to determine if SSH key management is a problem in your organization 
• Tools and resources to help you get started 

View this presentation to hear from Greg Kent, Senior VP at SecureIT and Jonathan Lewis, Director of Product Marketing at SSH Communications Security as they discuss the weakest link in Identity and Access Controls. If your job responsibilities include security, audit or compliance at the technical or managerial level, we promise the 45 minutes you invest to attend this webinar will be well worth it