May 31 2010 12:00 pm

Helsinki, Finland - According to the I/1999 option program, 100 shares were subscribed for using class C option certificates, 100 shares using class D option certificates, 500  shares using class E option certificates, 650 shares using class F certificates and 350 shares using class H option certificates. The subscription period for shares with I/1999 C option certificates started May 1, 2001, with I/1999 D option certificates started November 1, 2001, with I/1999 E option certificates started May 1, 2002, with I/1999 F option certificates November 1, 2002 and with I/1999 H option certificates November 1, 2003. The issue of the I/1999 Stock Option Program was approved by Annual General Meeting of August 5, 1999.       

According to the II/2003 option program, 500 shares were subscribed for using class C option certificates and 500 shares using class D option certificates. The subscription period for shares with II/2003 C option certificates started May 1, 2006 and with II/2003 D option certificates May 1, 2007. The issue of the II/2003 Stock Option Program was approved by the Annual General Meeting of April 29, 2003. 

The corresponding increase in the share capital, in total EUR 81,00 was registered in the Finnish Trade Register on May 31, 2010. As a result of the increase, the share capital of the company is EUR 897.034,47 and the total number of shares 29.901.149.  

The holders of the new shares are entitled to all shareholders' rights from the registration date May 31, 2010. The new shares will be listed by Nasdaq Omx Helsinki Oy together with the other shares approximately June 1, 2010.         

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