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Financial Information

Outlook and Financial Targets

Future Outlook

In 2014, SSH Communications Security estimates its revenue to grow significantly and profitability to improve. During the first half of the year the sales growth can be smaller with possibilities to losses due to timing of sizeable deals.

Annual Data

Quarterly Data

Definition of Key Figures

Earnings per Share (EPS)

ProfitLoss for the financial periodAverage number of shares during the financial period

Price per Earnings ratio (P/E)

Adjusted closing share price at 31 DecEarnings per Share

Equity per Share

EquityNumber of outstanding shares at the financial statement date, adjusted for share issue

Dividends per Share

DividendNumber of outstanding shares bduring the financial period

Effective Dividend Yield, %

Dividend per shareAdjusted closing share price at 31 Dec×100

Return on Equity, % (ROE)

Profitloss for the financial periodEquity (average during the financial period)×100

Return on Investment, % (ROI)

Profitloss before taxes+ interest and other financial costsBalance sheet total−non−interest bearing debts (average during financial period)×100

Equity ratio, %

EquityBalance sheet total−advance payments received×100

Gearing, %

Interest Bearing Debt−Liquid AssetsEquity×100