May 14 2014

Eliminating FTP Enterprise Wide: The Panacea is Closer than You Think

FTP is one of the most significant security risks in many enterprise environments. Despite long standing open audit findings and internal mandates, a surprising number of organizations still pass customer data, credit card information, intellectual property and other sensitive information in the clear. Failing to prioritize the elimination of FTP can be traced to the misconceptions that:

  • Our FTP is behind the firewall, so its not an issue
  • Because of all the scripting and reconfiguration that is required, eliminating FTP takes more effort than it’s worth
  • We have so many other serious security issues that receive higher priority
  • An easy or cost-effective solution does not exist

In reality, eliminating FTP enterprise-wide is much easier than you think. By automating the conversion of FTP to SFTP, organizations can eliminate FTP on their networks without being forced to make changes to their existing applications. To understand how proactive and security-conscious companies have eliminated FTP in their networks, check out this quick video.

Matthew McKenna by Matthew McKenna Chief Operations Officer
Matthew brings over 10 years of high technology sales, marketing and management experience to SSH Communications Security and is responsible for all revenue-generating operations. His expertise in strategically delivering technology solutions that anticipate the marketplace has helped the company become a market leader. Prior to joining the company, Matthew served as a member of the executive management team of Automaster Oyj which was successfully acquired by ADP Dealer Services Nordic. Before this, Matthew played professional soccer in Germany and Finland. Matthew holds a BA in German from the University of South Carolina and an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.